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KAHUNA is a Hawaiian, Polynesian healing method for people, animals, and the world.  KAHUNA means “Keeper of the Secret”.  The teachings consist of philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and esoteric elements, and interpret the ancient, nature religion of Hawaii as it has been influenced by shamans.

Kahuna has attracted many followers all over the world in the last few decades.  The knowledge of the KAHUNAS was never lost, yet was often kept secret; it has been proven to be over 6,500 years old and was passed on by the Essenes and their spiritual leaders, the Kahunas, only orally, from generation to generation through selected incarnations.  This knowledge is now open to anyone who is interested and it is available to us all.

Kahuna helps people to release old ideas and memories, fears and pain; it brings a sense of peace, strength, and equanimity.  Spiritual, emotional, and physical healing may enter.