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Healing Prayer

Praying over maladies according to old family tradition is one of the oldest forms of healing in Europe. Throughout the history of humanity, things have been accomplished through the power of prayer, things which could not be explained by reason. They are just accepted.  Everyone has the ability to use healing prayer.  During a set ritual the power of the prayers is transmitted to the person seeking help. His or her self-healing powers are awakened.

Today healing prayer has found a place within the framework of spiritual healing methods once again.  It can be used for very diverse sets of symptoms and performed complementary to medical/alternative treatments, or by itself, as long as according to a doctor’s opinion no medical treatment is necessary.

Rituals break up our regular everyday routines, keep us grounded and feeling secure, and bring us back to the essence of the moment.  The meaning behind a ritual must be recognized, applied and welcomed in everyday life.

The healer is merely the mediator in this form of transmission.

There have been good experiences with this method especially for the healing of shingles and the removal of warts, but for many other afflictions as well.