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A warm welcome to the House of the 7 Rings

My name is Ursula Stalter.  I live in Rolbing, a small village in France, not far from the town of Zweibrücken in Germany’s Palatinate region.

I am a spiritual healer and seer with the ultimate goal of helping people by bringing to light the real cause of their illness, pain, blockages, detrimental life structures, etc., and introducing healing.

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What I offer

With my skills as a Channel Medium, Reiki Master, Radiesthesia Practitioner, Bioenergy and Past Life Regression Therapist, I am able to sense my way into the various layers of my client’s aura and recognize any attached souls, destructive thought patterns, blockages in the chakras or in the auric field, the glands, joints, and organs, etc., and guide my client to allowing them to be resolved.

My therapeutic work is purely energetic in nature and does not substitute for any medical doctor.

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Upcoming Events

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Ursula Stalter