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In channeling the channel medium connects to the master level (ascended masters, angels, star beings) and receives information, similar to a television set. It is conveyed in the form of language, images, song, or healing energy.

The person seeking help today poses a question about their current life situation.  The master level connects with the soul level (Higher Self) of the seeker and asks for permission to give this information.  Messages are given to the seeker helping them to see their life situation from another perspective.

In the process blockages are dissolved and frequency-raising energies such as courage, trust, and confidence are given.  In addition, possible solutions are revealed and soul fragments are retrieved and integrated, to raise the consciousness of the seeker so that he or she may be able to live life in fullness.

All information represents suggestions for solutions.  How you use the information is up to you and lies within your responsibility. However, everyone has the opportunity to master their lives with the help of the information. Pay heed to its coherence.  It should be in accord with your inner truth.  But also take care to apply the information and thus help yourself.

Various energetic healing methods often dovetail; the one may contain elements of the other, yet they all have one goal:  to introduce healing to the body, mind, and soul of the seeker, so that they may be able to recognize their own life plan and live in accordance with it.