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Clearing means: the removal of all manner of foreign energies from persons, animals, buildings, gardens and land.  These may be energies of the deceased (“poor souls”), who for various reasons have not yet found their way into the light and have become attached.  Experience has shown that these attached souls have something to say to those they have left behind, something that during their lifetime in the physical body on earth they had left intentionally unsaid or hadn’t recognized.  It could also be a matter which had played out (victim-perpetrator roles) between the two persons involved in earlier incarnations (lives), and did not enter consciousness until after the physical passing.  Since these energies, consisting of spirit, soul, energy, magnetism, and electricity, no longer have a body, they can communicate only very poorly, but they live from the vitality, the life energy of the one who is still alive.

In buildings these energies sometimes make themselves noticed through noises (sudden switching on of radio or TV although no one has touched a button, sudden opening of a door although no one else is at home, sudden falling of a clock, steps heard on the floor, a sudden nursing home call signal originating from an empty room in which someone has died days before, etc.) Further evolution and refinement of the soul of the deceased is only possible within the divine light.

So it is necessary to recognize the identity of any souls who have remained behind and what it is they have to say; a forgiveness ritual is often necessary and after that it is usually allowed, with the help of the Archangel Michael, to help the deceased into the divine light.

Also, foreign energies in the form of thought constructions of a negative kind (e.g. envy, jealousy, curses, execration) which have taken up residence in the receiver’s energy system are destructive and can weaken the receiver.  These low frequencies, which are transmitted by the sender mentally through the power of thought, may be sent consciously or unconsciously.  They can cause constant discomfort and weakness without evident physical symptoms.  These energies, too, can be precisely located, neutralized, and removed.