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Shamanism is the oldest of the healing systems known to humanity, a treasure trove of experience gathered throughout many generations. The shaman perceives the healing powers of nature, of the earth, water, air, and fire elements, and the powers of the plants, animals, and stones, to learn to direct them and use them for the benefit of all. Shamanism emerged from the realization that illness is always a disharmony between human being, nature, and cosmos. With their knowledge shamans help restore balance.

In our modern high tech world we suffer the ills of division, separation, and isolation.  Our natural potential—to feel connected and compassionate—lies dormant in a shadow existence.

A shamanic healer guides us out of this disharmony and helps us to find inner balance.  It is a matter of recognizing one’s material and relationship needs, becoming aware of them, and taking the appropriate measures.  As a result health returns.

A shamanic journey is a journey into the “other world”, where we can meet our power animals, spiritual guides, guardian angels, and ancestors, and allow ourselves to be touched very deeply.  The shamanic journey offers an opportunity to find answers and healing for oneself (or others).