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The Joka-Tobu Method®

The term for this individualized method pays homage to the names of my much appreciated teachers and certain areas of their teachings. Supplemented with my personal dowsing and questioning techniques, I have further developed what I learned from them. The name is protected.

I work only within the aura, in the etheric realm, not with the physical, visible body.  The method is completely painless.  A client may feel slight chills or warmth in specific areas, or a mild tingling.

Burdensome energies and structures can be located and transformed.  The resulting effects of this can take place on any level:

mind:  through constructive thought patterns

soul:  addictions to and dependencies on substances or persons, lovesickness, etc.; weaknesses can be transformed into strengths

body:  slipped discs, muscle tension, back pain, leg length misalignments, organic symptoms for which conventional treatments have provided no relief