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Spiritual Tours

During my 25 years of experience guiding tours to each of the world’s continents, coming face to face with ancient cultures rooted within magnificent landscape sceneries, I had the privilege of encountering many interesting people and situations, which—I now know today—was preparing me for my spiritual-energetic work for and with my fellow humans today.

Meetings with shamans in various places of the earth, familiar encounters and feelings from “ancient times” were preparing me—I was unaware of it at the time—for my future “calling”, which has now become a reality.

In remembrance of these interesting times I intend to organize and guide spiritual tours in the very near future.  They will be anywhere from 5 to 14 days’ length, maximum.  These journeys will bring you to energetically powerful places in the world, where you will also be offered, in addition to the touristic sights, interesting programs from the spiritual realm (such as meditations and channeled messages, etc.).

Destinations in South and West Africa are being planned, as well as Peru and other places in South America.  Other countries will be added, and I welcome your suggestions for any others.